Big Bend Coffee Roasters

About Us

Big Bend Coffee Roasters

Welcome to Big Bend Coffee Roasters! We are a small team of seven dedicated to producing high-quality coffee. Roasted, ground, and packaged in-house since 2008, every bean is given the care and attention it deserves before landing in your cup.

“At Big Bend Coffee Roasters we are committed to maintaining the standard of excellence that our customers have come to know and love.”

“Each origin of bean is different,” says Williams, “and we take pride in bringing out the best in every single one.”

Joe Williams | Owner

Owner Joe Williams takes pride in providing the community with smooth, low-acid roasts. As a young man in Queensland, Australia, he became immersed in the coffee community and fell in love with the process from start to finish. Since the harsh, arid conditions out here in West Texas aren’t ideal for growing coffee, Williams took to the next best thing: roasting it. 

Tyler Spurgin | Master Roaster

Our Master Roaster, Tyler Spurgin, hand-roasts everything we produce – beans from Bolivia, Peru, Ethiopia, and more – turning out about 5,000 pounds a week. A true artist: he’s developed keen senses for the trade, often relying on the crack of the beans to tell him when it’s time to turn out a batch.

“Stay caffeinated, my friends.”