My Caffeinated Friends


Thank you for being curious about Big Bend Coffee Roasters, located in Marfa, Texas. We have been in business since 2008. My name is Joe Williams and I am privileged to be the owner of this wonderful business. BBCR specializes in 100% organic, fair trade, and kosher certified coffee. We source green coffee beans from 13 different countries.  I want smooth, low acid coffee to present to my customers.

Our special coffees begin with the selection of “A” quality green coffee beans. We then set out to discover the proper roasting style to express the best taste of those beans. High quality coffee is not made by mistake, though many mistakes are made in finding the correct methods of roasting to best express each flavor. Then the process of selecting different origins of coffee to make our signature blends begins.

BBCR has some of the most interesting blends of coffee origins available.  This is a long process of experimenting with different origins, different roasting styles, and different percentages of that coffee. This process is exciting and challenging to say the least. We have all this fun so you can have many great coffees.  I personally am very proud of our Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffees – they actually taste like coffee!

The staff here at BBCR is our greatest strength in business. In our 11 years in business, we have not lost one employee. Each of these wonderful folks strive to do their best to receive and process your order quickly and professionally.  Tyler Spurgin is head roaster, with Nick Torres as backup roaster and full time production guy. Treyvon Stigler is also in the production process. Derrick is the head man in production for the last nine years. Joanne Pena prepares all our bags and different labels. Julie Bernal is office manager/general manager and knows her stuff! Resident office secretary and “bull dog” of accounts receivable is Adeline. I am Joe, the mouthpiece of the organization and taster.

BBCR thanks you for looking at our products and enjoying the coffee experience. Coffee is something to be shared with friends and enjoyed in the comfort of your day. Coffee heals, coffee enlightens, coffee is friendship. Stay caffeinated my friends.

Joe Williams
Big Bend Coffee Roasters
Marfa, Tx




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