Jessica Lutz is a photographer based in Marfa, Texas and the borderland region. Projects and assignments can be seen in The New York Times, CNN, Texas Monthly, among other print venues.

She works out of her studio in Marfa but spends a lot of time rambling through the desert and Mexico. Her knowledge of the region has lead to location scouting and casting for films and guiding tours for Atlas Obscura. One of her favorite assignments was a month long canoe trip as part of Texas Tribune’s Disappearing Rio Grande Project. On her free time, you can find her and partner David restoring an adobe along the border.

Reach out at 917.510.4988 or or visit her at the studio. All are welcome.


Jessica also has a fabulous clothing brand “Desert Veil”.

Desert Veil is a brand inspired by desert living. The collection was
designed as wearable shade by an artist after moving to Marfa and the greater Chihuahuan Desert. The pieces respond to the basic need for shade under the desert sun and the occasional desire to veil oneself, to be cloaked or shielded from outer elements.