Coffee of the Month, Mexico Chiapas, benefiting Casa Hogar Orphanage in Ojinaga, Mexico (just across the border from Presidio, TX 60 miles from BBCR.

Every Month we select a new coffee blend for “Coffee Of The Month”. A generous percentage from the sales of that blend goes to one of our local charities.

Each day begins when the children get up, shower, dress for the day in uniforms if going to school, and gather in the dining hall for a hot breakfast. Then many head off to public school (a long half day) — the kids attend 5 or 6 different schools.  Some of those with special needs attend afternoon schools, while the little ones who need it are tutored in the morning to help bring them up to grade level.

The children are all there for different reasons. Some have been there since they were three or four years old. For instance, one sixteen-year-old was at Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) since she was four with her brother. They were placed at Casa Hogar from an abusive family.  The younger brother studied in a shoe repair apprentice program to help prepare his transition out of Casa Hogar.

Another student came to Casa Hogar when he was ten years old.  He had never been to school, so ACH provided remedial education half day until he was ready for regular school.

Public school in Mexico is not free above a certain grade, and in addition,  there are books, school supplies, and uniforms to buy. The Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) donations help provide financial assistance, transportation, and often meals in such cases, so that the child can receive an education.