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Joe Williams, the founder of Big Bend Coffee Roasters, likes his coffee smooth. “I don’t want my espressos bitter,” he said. Which is why the company manually roasts their beans to have low acidity for a smooth, flavorful cup.

Big Bend Coffee Roaster’s advertising is almost exclusively word of mouth between satisfied customers. If you’re a coffee drinker, it’s impossible to live in the Big Bend region and not have a cup brewed with beans from BBCR. Their 100% organic and fair trade coffee can be found at almost any retailer in the region. But it didn’t take long for their beans to impress more than the locals.

“Marfa is the best exposure,” explained Williams. Visitors from all over the country filter through Marfa and the region every year, taste the coffee, and want to take it back to wherever they came from.
Even though Big Bend Coffee Roasters ships beans around the country, they are heavily involved in their own community through their give back programs. The staff selects different types of coffee and donates a percentage of its sales to a variety of community organizations.

Big Bend Coffee Roaster’s is bound to impress you with their exceptional coffee. Try some when you’re in the region and arrange a tour of their Marfa roasting facility, or check out their website for shipping and wholesale information.