Single Serve Cups Now At All Area Porter

Single Serve Cups Now At All Area Porter’s

It’s Happening!!!

Look for our newly packaged single serve cups at Porter’s grocery stores in Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis. There are some spiffy new displays in the aisles near our regular 1 lb bags. We package the cups ourselves from the great organic, fair-trade coffee you know and love.

We’ve started single serve cup production with one favorite in each of our roasts: Full-city roast Mexico Chiapas, Vienna roast Davis Mountain Blend, and French roast West Texas Wildfire. Please let us know if your favorite is not represented, and we’ll put it on our list.

Our friends in Midland can pick single serve cups up at the Midland Downtown Farmers’ Market at the Midland Brew Crew stand. Kimberly is stocking Big Blend, Decaf Mexico Chiapas, and her special espresso blend in addition to these other three, and is always happy to take special orders.

Your notes are appreciated as we delve into this new arena – we’ve already strengthened the dose from our initial production based on some great feedback. Please let us know what you think!



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