Cafe Society Goes the Way of the Super Straw

Cafe Society Goes the Way of the Super Straw

In an episode of my favorite comedy show ‘Flight of the Conchords’, Bret makes super straws in order to raise money to pay their bills. The dialogue goes something like this:

Bret: Super Straws for sale! Only $1!

Jemaine: Bret, how many straws does it take to make a super straw?

Bret: Five

Jemaine: And how much does each straw cost?

Bret: 50 cents. Oh. (pause) Well, I’ve sold quite a lot of them!

This scene has been running through my head recently as we’ve contemplated the fate of our Café Society Coffee of the Month Club.  Some of our very best customers have been receiving monthly coffee this way for years now, and we’ve been happy to fuel the mornings of so many loyal patrons. Unfortunately, too many of these orders end up costing us as much in shipping as we are receiving in payment for coffee+shipping, so Cafe Society must go the way of the Super Straw!

Current Café Society members can finish out 2015 at their existing rate, and we’re inviting everyone to continue getting your coffee fix by coming right here to when you’re in need.

Now, about that new cup…



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